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Fic: Survivor (Yunho/Jaejoong) 3/4
Tokio Hotel: main Nov '11
Title: Survivor
Pairing: YunJae (Yunho/Jaejoong)
Rating: PG-13 (so far)
Warnings: language, violence
Genre: AU, action, post-apocalyptic
Disclaimer: Not my boys but my words
Summary: Set on the streets of a post-apocalyptic Seoul, Jaejoong is a lone survivor, he lives, works and fights solo. However, a chance encounter with Yunho, a seemingly ignorant but mysterious young man is about to change all that. Yunho is definitely not what he seems and offers Jaejoong the opportunity of a life time. But can Jaejoong take it?

Author's Notes: Sorry it's taken me a while to get going with this again! And also, I extended it again.... so it's gone from two to three to now FOUR parts. Hope that's okay with everybody :) Onwards!

A summer heat woke Jaejoong, the early morning sun spreading its rays over where he lay. He blinked, squinting against the brightness and stretching out his limbs. Suddenly, he started, stiffening as he felt two arms holding him in place. For a moment he panicked, not knowing why he couldn’t move freely but as soon as he threw a look over his shoulder, he calmed.

Jae thought back to last night with a wry smile. He’s fallen asleep soundly in Yunho’s arms, not before hitting him for the comment about sharing his bed. It was confusing, trying to work out how he felt about Yunho falling into his life so abruptly.

Yunho was always smiling, he seemed carefree and at ease around Jae and while Jae could feel himself slipping into a similar character, he wanted to test out the waters a little more before he decided to go gallivanting off into the unknown with a practical stranger.

He smiled when he felt Yunho stir behind him and was about to turn over and greet tousle-haired man when the back of his neck prickled.

In one swift movement he sprang from the bed, arms aloft in a defensive stance, chin down and ready to fight.

“Mornin’, sunshine.”

Jae’s stomach twisted into knots so tight he almost couldn’t breathe. Before him what looked like an entire squadron was standing ready, machine guns poised and matching looks of disgust adorning their faces. The militia hated people like Jaejoong, people who came from nothing but knew how to tamper with their operations.

Jae had caused so much inadvertent trouble for them he had known it was only a matter of time before they caught up with him. Most wouldn’t recognise his face, he wore his scarf almost all the time, and usually when he messed with them it was under the cover of dark. He was silent, in, out and the job was done. Even if half the time he didn’t even mean to disrupt the militia, he just wanted something to eat.

But at the very front of the squadron was a man Jae knew.

“Siwon,” Jae snarled.

“Found your hideout at last.”

Jae was about to correct them; this was not his hideout, it had been a one off. But then he stopped himself, remembering to clam up. Don’t play their game.

“Sleep well? An’ you got a friend this time.” Siwon nodded to Yunho, who was just beginning to stir. What was with him? He could sleep through a tornado. Jae shook his head minutely, if the rest of Dong Bang Shin Ki were just like Yunho they needed serious training. Life on the streets had taught Jae to wake up at the drop of a pin.

“Leave him,” Jae said lowly. “He’s not my friend.”

“I ain’t touchin’ him” Siwon leered. “I got my eye on you an’ only you.”

Jae inwardly cringed but remained standing tall.

“You caused enough trouble, sunshine. It’s time you came with us.”

Jae didn’t say anything. Siwon knew it was him who had wreaked so much havoc in Seoul. Siwon was the closest Jae had ever come to being captured. It had been a stormy night, fog shrouded most of the streets and he must have taken a wrong turn after unleashing the entire contents of a military truck. Fruit and vegetables as well as hand grenades and bullets had poured into the streets and Jae had thought he’d managed to get away scot free.

It wasn’t until Siwon’s massive hands had come down hard on the back of neck, knocking him to the ground and forcing his shirt full of fruit to roll away into the filthy puddles that covered the ally floor. His scarf had fluttered down from his head and Jae was revealed. He knew his pale face would have been visible to Siwon, even in the dim light.

Siwon had snarled, picked Jae up by the scruff of his neck and slammed him against the wall, pressing his body in far too close. Jae knew what was coming, it wasn’t the first advance the militia had made on him and he knew it wouldn’t be the last but so far, Jae had managed to escape by just getting on his knees for them. Siwon had wanted more than though, Jae could tell, and the thought caused terror to rip through him so fiercely he had lashed out with such force Siwon had staggered back, clearly shocked by skinny little Jae’s strength. They’d struggled for the gun and Siwon had got there first, but then Jae’s deft hands had twisted it, firing the weapon. He hadn’t even looked back to see if Siwon was hit, he’d leapt from his captor and legged it all the way to Cassie district.

Now, Jae was faced with him again and there was nowhere to go, no way of escape.

Behind him he heard Yunho leap up and swear.

“What the fuck?”

Jae shot a look at Yunho but remained facing the soldiers wanting to appear strong.

“Decided to join us?” Siwon turned his leer on Yunho and Jae wanted to slap it right off his face.

“Who the fuck are you?” Yunho snapped. Jae was startled to hear the venom behind Yunho’s words unused to anything but joviality from his new companion.

“I should be asking you that,” the smile had been wiped off Siwon’s face at last. He was eyeing Yunho, his upper lip curled in distaste. “Where’d you get a jacket like that? You ain’t no militia.”

Yunho looked down at the black jacket that was almost identical to Siwon’s own. Smart, warm, military. But Yunho’s was worn and shabby with a tarnished button. Yunho’s jacket screamed outsider, Jae knew.

“You know this guy?” Yunho directed the question at Jae.

Siwon snorted derogatively. “Could say that.”

“I might have shot him in the hand once,” Jae said, unable to contain a devilish grin of his own.

Siwon snarled and held up a withered looking limb with his baby finger missing.

“Oo, got him good,” Yunho said and Jae could hear him shift into his own defensive posture. “He does that. See?”

Jae darted his eyes to the left and saw Yunho lifting his chin so Siwon would notice the blossoming bruises on his jaw and nose.

“Enough,” Siwon spat. “I asked you a question. Where you from?”

“He’s from the Mul district,” Jae cut in, not knowing if Yunho had a quick wit but decided to take the lead for him anyway.

“Long way from home, ay,” Siwon noted and Jae could hear genuine surprise in his voice. “Long way to come.”

“Visiting family,” Yunho said. “That allowed?”

Siwon’s lip curled even further. “Depends.”

“On what?” Yunho challenged.

But Siwon was shaking his head, he was beginning to get pissed off by Yunho. Jae watched as he turned to grunt a command to the man on his right but Jae couldn’t catch the words. He shifted uncomfortably but then his eyes widened as the man hefted his gun up, training the barrel right at Yunho’s head.

“No!” He screamed but Yunho was quicker, grabbing Jae’s arm and yanking him to the side. Jae nearly stumbled over his own feet but managed to follow Yunho. They sprinted to the edge of the hospital, the wall coming closer at an alarming rate.

“What the fuck are we doing?! Yunho!” Jae yelled but Yunho didn’t slow down. They were going to jump. Oh my god, they were going to jump right into thin air. Jae knew there was nothing to meet them on the other side but a cold, concrete ground 30 floors below.

“Do you trust me?” Yunho yelled urgently over the shouts of the militia behind them. Jae could hear Siwon’s voice bellowing instructions and then a shot was fired, right at their feet.

Do you trust me?” Yunho shouted, his voice desperate.

They were feet away, twenty... fifteen... twelve.

“Fucking answer!”

“Yes!” Jae screeched. “Yes I trust you!”

Five foot... three, two, one and then they were both leaping into nothingness, the warm air whipping around them. Jae clutched into Yunho’s with one hand and waved the over wildly in the empty space, willing something solid to appear before him.

What a way to die, what a fucking way to die. With some guy who’d stumbled into his life and told him stupid stories about ending the Government’s oppressive regimes, about living in tents and trees and a better life.

Jae was going to die, he could feel the unstoppable force of death rushing up to meet him.

Then, without warning Yunho was jerking him up, swinging him round to stand behind him on some sort of platform.

Jae clung onto Yunho, wrapping his arms so tight around Yunho’s waist he knew it would hurt but he couldn’t stop himself. He had been falling and now he was standing.

His eyes remained shut for several minutes, the shouts of the militia and the gunshots having faded long ago. He couldn’t hear, he could barely breathe, he couldn’t see. He could only feel the whip of the wind as they shot through it like a rocket.

Yunho didn’t speak, and if he did Jae wasn’t sure he’d be able to hear him over the rush of wind. He wasn’t sure how long had passed but soon he felt they were slowing, the wind not so harsh anymore.

Slowly, he cracked open an eyelid and found himself staring at the back of Yunho’s head, the grimy locks tickling his cheek. He sucked in a breath and then opened his eyes wider, pulling himself back from Yunho slightly but still holding on.

They were surrounded by the tops of buildings, steel grey and crumbing brick work. He looked down and gasped.

“A hover board,” he whispered. Then he whacked Yunho in the belly. “You have a hover board! Why didn’t you tell me?”

Jae could practically hear the grin in his companion’s voice. “Well, I didn’t want to ruin the surprise, did I?”

“You’re such a fucker,” Jae grumbled but his heart was pounding in relief. Yunho had saved them. If Dong Bang Shin Ki had hover boards, what else did they have? Hover boards were created by military intelligence of the highest order.

“How did you get hold of one of these?” Jae could hardly hide how impressed he was.

“Dong Bang Shin Ki successfully managed to infiltrate the military three years ago. We’ve got connections spreading from budding Privates to Generals.”

Jae gasped. “Then why haven’t you just done... like a coup or something.”

Yunho chuckled and Jae frowned. “It’s not that easy. I’ve said we need people like you and I’m not lying, we really do.”

Jaejoong nodded, not wanting to revisit that conversation just yet.

“Thank you,” he said softly. “For saving me.”

Jae didn’t like standing behind Yunho on the hover board but Yunho seemed to know what he was doing, flying low to keep hidden but not low enough people would see them from the streets. He wondered where they were going but was too tired to ask. The adrenaline rush from earlier had sent him crashing back down now.

He let himself admire the city from above. He’d been high before, he often sought peace among the rafters of old buildings, it was much cleaner than the sewers and, Jae had discovered, much safer. He’d heard rumours of military booby traps that had been placed down there in order to ‘rid the system of vermin’. They’d used the premise of rats but Jae knew the militia didn’t distinguish between rodent vermin and human vermin.

Now though he could see the vast sprawl of Seoul. It looked like ruins, but it was strangely beautiful. Jae could see how it had once been a major hub of Asiana. He closed his eyes now, trying to imagine how clean it would have been, how busy and well lived in, how exciting. How free.

“We’re getting there,” Yunho said over the quiet rush of the wind.

“Where?” Jae said, peering over Yunho’s shoulder ahead of them.

“To the edge of the city.”

Jae gasped. He’d never been to the edge of the city. He’d been south, but never north. No one wanted to live in the outskirts of Seoul; it was far too close to the wasteland they’d heard stories about, where nothing and no one could survive.

“Is it safe?”

Yunho snorted. “Were you listening to anything I was telling you yesterday? Or were you too busy wanting to kiss me again?”

Jae squawked. “I was not! I was too busy trying to work out if you were going to jump me again.”

“I never did such a thing!” Yunho denied, but Jae could feel his body shaking with amusement.

“You fuck.”

“See over there?” Yunho extended a hand, keeping them steady but Jae held on a bit tighter just in case. He wasn’t sure he was a fan of technology just yet.

He followed Yunho’s finger to the horizon. He couldn’t see anything at first but then in the distance he spotted a faint row of something lining sections of the horizon. It wasn’t a full line but patched here and there.

“Trees,” Yunho told him, and sped up the board. “Nothing between here and home now.”

Jae glanced down, startled to see they’d already left the walls of the city behind. Nothing lay beneath them but sandy scrubland and a few scraps of metal. Jae thought he saw a few tyres here and there, left over from when the last people had tried to flee the city decades ago.

“Does this thing have enough power to get us all the way to the trees?”

Yunho nodded. “But we’re going way beyond the trees. I’m going to send out a comm now for someone to pick us up just past the first clusters.”

“Comm?” This time Jae didn’t understand the terminology.

“Communication,” Yunho explained. “I couldn’t while we were in Seoul because the militia could pick up the signal but we’re out now. We’re pretty sure they don’t operate beyond the outskirts.”

“Oh,” Jae said. He looked over his shoulder and wondered if he’d ever go back. Seoul was his home, he knew everything about the entire city.

But then he looked forward and saw the growing horizon of trees. Fresh, perhaps like the start Jae needed. Yunho had saved his life when he could have legged it solo, just like Jae had been doing for the past six years. But instead Yunho had taken Jae with him, told him he could have a tent... and he’d kissed him.

Jae smiled and buried his nose into the back of Yunho’s shoulder, feeling the warmth of his body even through the well-padded military jacket.

Suddenly, Jae heard Yunho chuckle.

“What is it?” He asked, not wanting to be left out of the loop.

“I just realised something,” Yunho said, the wind almost whipping away his words as they sped up a little, cruising on an air pocket.

“What?” Jae pressed.

“I don’t even know your name.”

“Oh,” Jae thought back and realised he’d never said. He’d never said because Yunho had never asked. “It’s Jae, short for Jaejoong.”

“Beautiful,” Yunho said quietly. “Jaejoong,” he tested he name out and Jae liked how it sounded. “Jae.”

Yunho let one hand squeeze Jae’s in response before using it to balance them again. Then he cleared his throat.

“What?” Jae said, forever wary.

“I gotta warn you,” Yunho began. “They’re not going to like that I took you straight from the city without interrogation or vaccination or anything.”

“Interrogation?” Jae said back, unable to hide the tremor in his voice.

“They’ll need to make sure I haven’t picked up some military spy, or a contaminated citizen,” Yunho went on.

“I’m not fucking contaminated,” Jae spat.

“I’m sure you’re not, you wouldn’t have been able to hit me that hard if you were,” Yunho chortled.

But Jae wasn’t laughing, he was worried now. Interrogation... that sounded all too familiar.

“Yunho...” he asked. “What are the interrogations like?”

Yunho shrugged. “They’ll most likely just ask you some questions, no biggie.”

Jae wanted to relax, he really did but he wasn’t sure he could after hearing so much about the militia’s interrogations. Rumours flew around like mosquitoes but Jae knew there was at least some truth in gossip.

“They don’t use... like, they’re not gonna hurt me?”

“Hurt you? No, interrogating just means... like an interview or something.” Yunho was speaking so casually Jae knew he couldn’t have heard the same rumours he had.

“Okay,” he said. “If they do I’ll blow your fucking brains out, you know.”

Yunho barked a laugh. “Relax, they won’t hurt you.”

“Better not,” Jae mumbled, feeling calmer but not entirely at ease. He was, after all, flying right into the middle of the unknown.

“If you do decide to have your way with me, however,” Yunho said. “Can you make sure it’s in my bed, not with a gun in your hand.”

“You’re so fucking full of it,” he said, but couldn’t help but join in Yunho’s laughter as they flew closer and closer to the trees.


“You can let go now,” Yunho said gently as they landed without a hitch.

“Alright, alright,” Jae felt a lot steadier now he was on solid ground again. The air was cleaner out here and he inhaled, staring around at this new environment.

The trees were a lot bigger than he thought, towering branches waving up at the sky. They were surrounded by a small copse of them, no bigger than ten or twenty in total but Jae loved it, he loved how secretive the area felt, no place in Seoul felt this secluded. He was always expecting someone to find him, to either shoo him away or share his shelter. In the midst of all these trees, Jae felt like he and Yunho were the only two people left on earth.

“They’ll come for us in about two minutes,” Yunho said, looking up from his comm device to smile at Jae.

“Fine,” Jae said, already straying from Yunho, wanting to check out the nearest tree.

“What can we do for two minutes?” Yunho said, sidling up behind Jae and slinging one arm around his shoulders.

“Ugh,” Jae tried wriggling away. “I want to see a tree close up.”

They got to the first tree and Jae reached forward, running his calloused hand over the bark carefully. It was mottled and twisted up into knots here and there but Jae loved it, it felt so solid beneath his finger tips and he pressed a palm flat to it. It felt like nothing in the world could destroy this thing, it felt ancient and wise. Jae wondered if it had seen the destruction of humanity or if it had grown up after and just seen the remnants.

“They’re so big,” he whispered as he looked up, feeling small.

“Mmm” Yunho agreed. Behind him, Jae suddenly felt the brush of lips against the shell of his ear. He shivered, and tipped his head back ever so slightly so Yunho’s lips could find his neck.

Yunho’s hand moved to the tree, pinning Jae between his arms against the giant trunk.

“Yunho,” Jae said, his voice coming out breathier than usual. He wanted to curse himself for being so weak around Yunho but he couldn’t bring himself to push Yunho away, not yet.

Instead he turned, facing Yunho and finding Yunho’s gaze fixed right on him, that easy smile in place. Yunho was so sure of himself, of what he wanted and the thought made Jae feel hot. He knew Yunho could have his way with him and Jae would barely squeak a protest.

“Not going to fight me off this time?” Yunho said, still grinning.

Jae scowled but didn’t say anything, couldn’t even look away from Yunho. He was pressed so tight against the tree he couldn’t move away, and he didn’t want to.

“You really are cute, you know,” Yunho said and before Jae could protest he’d pushed in so close their lips met. It was hot and exciting and almost immediately this time, Yunho’s tongue was licking at the inside of his mouth.

It was the most intimate experience Jae had ever had. He found himself winding his arms around Yunho’s neck, dragging him even closer. Yunho’s lips were chapped against his own but the feeling was exhilarating.

Jae wanted more, he wanted to give what he’d never given to anyone. Arching his back from the tree, he moaned into Yunho’s mouth and was about to suggest they go further when a tumultuous roar resounded around the whole area.

Jae shoved Yunho off him and looked around, panicked. It was like nothing he’d ever heard, it was so loud he couldn’t even hear himself think. He spun this way and that, trying to work out the source but he couldn’t, he couldn’t see through the dense overgrowth of vegetation above them.

“Jae, Jae,” Yunho grabbed Jae’s arm and tried to get him to calm down but Jae shook his head. He’d become far too lax in Yunho’s company, he wasn’t fully aware.

“It’s only our helicopter!” Yunho was shouting above the racket. “It’s coming to pick us up!”

Jae whirled round to face where Yunho was pointing to.

Before them, just beyond the thicket of trees they were standing in, a huge machine was landing, hovering a mere few feet of the ground just as the hover board was capable of.

But instead of gliding silently like Yunho’s hover board, this one had a huge spinning propeller that made the trees bow and bend as it came closer and closer to the ground.

It finally came to a stop but the roaring did not, clearly the engine had not been cut yet.

“Come on,” Yunho gestured, holding out a hand for Jae to take.

But Jae hesitated, unsure he wanted to continue on this journey. What was he about to get himself into?

“It’s safe, I promise,” Yunho assured him. “It might not be as high tech as the hover board but it’ll get us from A to B without a hitch.”

Jae bit his lip and frowned.

Yunho walked right up to him then, standing before him and cupping his cheek on one hand. “I promise.”

Jae met Yunho’s eyes then and knew he meant it. Yunho wouldn’t rescue him from one threat only to put him right in the middle of another. He nodded and hoped Yunho knew just how much faith he was putting in him.

They walked to the helicopter, as Yunho had called it, to find a man rushing out to greet them. Yunho tugged Jae on despite the man’s shouting. He sounded angry, Jae was sure of it. He couldn’t hear what he was saying but he was waving his arms wildly.

“What the fuck are you doing, Kaulitz?” Were the first words Jae could make out.

“Changmin,” Yunho greeted with a grin. “This is Jae.”

“You’d better get your fucking hands off him,” the man named Changmin yelled over the noise of the engine.

Jae didn’t want Yunho to get his fucking hands off him. “Yunho can do whatever the fuck he likes,” he said as the man approached them.

“Careful, he bites,” Yunho said and tugged Jae towards the helicopter and helped him climb aboard.

“Yunho,” Changmin growled. “He sits in back, with cargo. Taeyeon is gonna kill you.”

Jae bared his teeth at Changmin and sat down where Yunho directed him to, which was quite obviously not in back with the cargo.

Changmin just shook his head, hoisting himself up to slam the door shut behind them before joining a pilot up front.

As soon as the helicopter was in the air, Jae’s head dropped to Yunho’s shoulder, he was knackered.


“Get him the fuck away from my soldier.”

People were yelling when Jae woke up, his head groggy with fatigue. He blinked, trying to wake himself up properly, the way he was used to doing in Seoul, always ready.

“Leave him alone,” Jae heard Yunho’s voice. “He’s been through fucking hell and back, they all have out there.”

“He hasn’t been quarantined, interrogated, anything!” Jae heard a woman’s voice screeching.

“Taeyeon, he’s fine, he’s clean, I’ve spent the last 24 hours alone with him and he’s not shown one sign of the plague.”

“We need to be certain. We need to check he’s not working for the goddamn militia.”

“He’s not, I’ve seen it with my own eyes, goddamnit,” Yunho was yelling now.

Before Jae could climb out the helicopter, rough hands grabbed him and dragged him down. He yelped, caught off guard and cursed himself for once again falling beneath Yunho’s blanket of security.

“Get the fuck off me!” He fought, kicking out and trying to slice skin with his nails whenever it came into contact.

“Jae!” Yunho said, but it was too dark for Jae to see where he was. “Get off him you dumb fucks, he’s not a threat!”

“Taeyeon’s orders,” a gruff voice sounded from one of Jae’s captors and then something was pressed over his mouth and nose and the world went fuzzy, and then black.


Thanks for reading! Hope you enjoy the next and final part :) It's so much fun to write dystopian YunJae!

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Poor Jae, his life has been so tough! I'm so happy you like it, thanks for reading :))))))

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