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Fic: Survivor (Yunho/Jaejoong) 2/4
Tokio Hotel: main Nov '11
Title: Survivor
Pairing: YunJae (Yunho/Jaejoong)
Rating: PG-13 (so far)
Warnings: language, violence
Genre: AU, action, post-apocalyptic
Disclaimer: Not my boys but my words
Summary: Set on the streets of a post-apocalyptic Seoul, Jaejoong is a lone survivor, he lives, works and fights solo. However, a chance encounter with Yunho, a seemingly ignorant but mysterious young man is about to change all that. Yunho is definitely not what he seems and offers Jaejoong the opportunity of a life time. But can Jaejoong take it? 

Author's Notes: Just a quite note, I changed the name of the rebels from The Red Arrows to Dong Bang Shin Ki, I felt this was more appropriate :) Oh, also it's expanded from a two-shot to a three-shot. MY BAD. Thanks to all my readers!! 

At first Jaejoong was too stunned to react, the press of Yunho’s lips sending him into a whirl of emotions. But then he regained his senses, whacking Yunho over the head and glaring at him.

“Motherfucker,” he spat.

Yunho sat back, looking as stunned as Jae had felt just seconds previously. Then he grinned again, “sorry.” He didn’t look sorry at all.

Jae glared at him, wishing the blaze of a thousand suns would come down and smite Yunho for his audacity. “Don’t touch me again.”

He shoved both his palms against Yunho’s chest, forcing the other man to roll off him at last and crouch on the dusty floor. Jae stood hastily, his fists balled up angrily and his heart thundering a mile a minute against his rib cage. He didn’t know what to do, he didn’t quite trust his legs to carry him far before Yunho caught up with him. In fact, he wasn’t even sure if he wanted to run from Yunho anyway... not just yet at least. The strange man had entered his life in such a whirlwind, he’d knocked the breath out of Jae in more than one way and he couldn’t quite bring himself to give that up so promptly.

“This where you stay?” Yunho asked, looking up at Jae through dark lashes.

Jae pursed his lips, still wary about giving away the details of his existence.

“Okay, okay, I get it,” Yunho stood, brushing off dust from his trousers and standing before Jae, completely relaxed. “No more questions. I can’t help myself, though, you’re quite the curious creature.”

“No,” Jae blurted.

“No, what?” Yunho looked at him oddly.

Jae held his breath, then let it go in a whoosh. “I don’t live here.” This could very well be the beginning of his end, but Jae found he didn’t exactly mind that thought as much as he should. “At least, not anymore.”

Yunho’s eyes softened in sympathy but Jae scowled, not wanting to be pitied. “I’m sorry,” Yunho said quietly. “I heard about the devastation the military caused this far south.

Jae looked at Yunho sharply. “This far south?”

Yunho shrugged and slotted his hands into his pockets just like he’d done earlier. “The plague didn’t reach my home, it sort of just... stopped before it got to the north. That’s why Dong Bang Shin Ki can operate so effectively up there, no interruptions. Then again, the government don’t need to interfere up there with the amount of power they have down here.”

Jae frowned and looked over Yunho’s shoulder into the darkness. As far as he’d known this was it, this was the north and everything beyond was just uninhabitable wasteland where the plague rampaged without boundaries. How many other lies had the government fed them? Or was Yunho the one with it all wrong?

“I thought this was the north,” Jae muttered, looking back at Yunho.

“You did? Huh, I’d heard they government was feeding you all sorts of bullshit.” Yunho frowned now, not something Jae had seen him do much since their meeting. “Just another way to control you all, to contain you down here.”

“They told us the plague was running free up beyond the city outskirts, that everything was just... dead.”

Yunho looked down at Jae with another sympathetic eye. “It’s not like that. It’s sunnier and cleaner but there are less people and infrastructure. People tend to move around a lot but it’s nice, I have my own tent and my mum always lives next door.”

Jae liked the idea of living in a tent, in the middle of a clean world.

“Are there... trees and stuff?” He asked.

“Loads,” Yunho said. “You guys have it rough down here in comparison.”

Jaejoong pulled a face, like he’d know.

Yunho hesitated, obviously noticing he wasn’t being very sensitive. “It rains a lot though,” he said, as though to compensate.

Jae almost smiled. “I don’t like the rain all that much. Makes it hard to find a dry place to sleep, especially during storm season.”

Yunho’s eyes flashed with something but before Jae could work out what it was, the look had passed, leaving Yunho standing with that stupid look of sympathy.

“I don’t want that puppy look you’re giving me to stick around, so you can stop feeling sorry for me,” Jae said acidly.

Yunho held up his hands in mock surrender and smiled again. “Such a brat, they warned me about the tongues on street folk.”

Jae cracked a sly grin. “You’d better get used to it if you’re this far from home.”

Suddenly, Jae realised he had no idea what exactly Yunho was doing this far from home. He regarded Yunho carefully, trying to gauge his possible errand from the north. It had to be some sort of mission, or perhaps he’d just ended up really, really lost. Korea was a big place.

“...what are you doing down here? If it’s so much nicer up there why don’t you just stay?”

Yunho let out a short laugh and then looked at Jae. “That wouldn’t be very fair on the rest of you. When we destroy the government we can all live like we do in the north.”

“Well thanks for sharing,” Jaejoong snapped. “If Dong Bang Shin Ki has such power why haven’t they used it yet?”

Yunho looked at Jae, his eyes twinkling. “Which brings me to answer your first question; why am I here? I’m here to round the troops, gather the armies, get the ball rolling. We’re going to start the real revolution, not just mess around with the government’s military operations every now and then.”

“You’re here to specifically target people like me? Street vagrants who have a petty criminal background?” Jaejoong couldn’t believe that he, amongst others of his kind, were to be the answer to the woes of Korea and be the secret weapons of Dong Bang Shin Ki.

Yunho nodded, seemingly pleased with Jaejoong’s response.

“But I can’t do anything like fight a whole army! Have you seen the streets? They’re crawling with the militia!” Jae stared at Yunho with wide eyes. “There are so many of them, and not enough strength amongst the rest of us. It’s like the government has sapped us of everything we need in order to be strong.”

He paused... the government has sapped us of everything we need in order to be strong.

The idea of coming with Yunho to join Dong Bang Shin Ki terrified him, but at the same time it instilled a drive deep in his heart, something he hadn’t felt in many years. It was the beginnings of passion. Yunho had brought with him a tiny flint on which Jaejoong’s dying passion could spark back to life on.

“You could make such a difference, you have agility and speed, skills in the kind of landscape we’re hopeless on, you’re a real fighter of this war,” Yunho said quietly, his voice low as though Jae would snap out of it and flee any moment.

Jaejoong’s eyes flicked back onto the man standing before him. He blinked slowly and then said. “So are you getting me something to eat or what?”

They found a small street vendor several streets away, out of sight of anyone who might have heard their earlier scuffle. In front of the stall that sold rice and vegetable dishes several make shift tables and chairs had been set up using an assortment of street debris; plastic oil drums, wooden crates and bits of metal that had been warped out of shape. It was at one of these recycled tables and chairs that Jaejoong and Yunho took their seats, each holding a small box of bibimbap.

Jaejoong wolfed his down, all questions forgotten as he snarfed the first meal he’d had in days. When he was done he sat back, licking his lips and was startled to see that Yunho hadn’t even touched his dish.

“Are you going to eat that?” Jae asked, eyeing the other man’s full box of food.

Yunho chuckled and handed the box to Jae. “Be my guest.”

“You got enough money for another or do you want me to lift something for you?”

“Lift?” Yunho questioned, leaning his elbows onto the oil drum between them.

“Lift, snatch, nick...” Jae stuffed another portion of food into his mouth as Yunho looked at him blankly. “Steal,” he hissed quietly, rolling his eyes.

“Oh,” Yunho finally understood.

“You don’t know anything,” Jae scoffed. “No wonder you were making such a racket when you first came into my room.”

Yunho chuckled again. “You see how much we need people like you?”

Jae shrugged. “I’m pretty valuable.”

They sat in silence while Jae demolished his second helping, slower this time. He wanted to savour this meal, not knowing when his next would be. Usually he’d eat as quickly as he could, wary of passing thieves or men and women bigger than he who would pick a fight over a scrap of bread. Today though, he was in the company of Yunho.

Jae nearly kicked himself, not wanting to lower his guard too much. He would have to be careful. Yunho didn’t mean anything, the man could fight but he wasn’t good for much else, as far as Jae could tell.

When he finished he set the box beside his first and looked at Yunho. He noticed a purple bruising beginning to form on his jaw and nose and almost felt guilty. Yunho seemed to catch him looking.

“You got me good,” he said, rubbing a hand over his jaw and nose gingerly.

Jae shrugged, ignoring the pang of remorse he felt. “Look what you did.” He thrust his wrists into Yunho’s face, the dirty sleeves pushed back to reveal thin lines of bruising where Yunho’s slender fingers had gripped him.

Unexpectedly, Yunho delicately wrapped his fingers around Jae’s wrists, pulling him closer. “Sorry,” he said softly. Jae held his breath as Yunho examined the damage.

Suddenly, an overwhelming desire to kiss Yunho took over Jae and he snatched his hands back instantly, disgusted with himself.

“You say sorry too much,” he said roughly, cradling his arms close and tensing all over.

Yunho didn’t seem perturbed at Jae’s outburst but instead placed his arms back on the table and leant in with a smile.

“So, you’re here, in the Yung district, alone and searching for young girls and boys to join... your cause.” Jae didn’t want to blurt out that he had affiliations with Dong Bang Shin Ki, that would out them both in the presence of immediate danger.

“You make it sound so predatory,” Yunho said. “I assure you, it’s not. I’m just completing my mission.”

Jae wasn’t so sure about that. “The kiss, and what was the kiss about?” he demanded.

“Oh,” Yunho chuckled. “That was because I thought you were cute.”

Jae lashed out, punching Yunho hard in the upper arm. “You fucker!”

Yunho laughed, grabbing one of Jae’s wrists again, his speedy reflexes once again matching Jaejoong’s. Jaejoong found himself close to Yunho, leaning over the table at an awkward angle. His belly dug into the rough metal of the oil drum but he found himself not caring, despite his compromising position.

Yunho grinned like he knew something Jae didn’t and then bridged the gap between them, kissing Jae for a second time on the lips. This time Jae was just as stunned, but he didn’t pull back. Instead he let Yunho’s soft lips guide his own, pressing gently with a slight urgency that made Jae’s heart pound. When Yunho’s tongue slipped past his lips Jae gasped, leaning in to Yunho across the table. Suddenly, he didn’t want to table there, he wanted to have his entire body pressed against Yunho’s with nothing but warm skin between them.

He flushed, finally pulling back with a start. It had been hard but he was beginning to feel scared of his own feelings. If he kept this loopy behaviour up he’d end up face down in a dumpster. He had to stay alert, remember where he was.

Beside them someone whistled and Jae snapped his head round to give whoever had dared taunt him a piece of his mind. He stopped abruptly however when he saw who had made the sound. He didn’t need Yunho’s warning squeeze on his wrist to tell him to shut up.

Standing near their table were two militia officers. Standing tall, clean and deadly with a gun each slung over their backs and several more weapons tucked neatly into their artillery belts.

“You want to share a piece?” The officer addressed Yunho and Jae scowled as they talked about him as though he was a piece of meat.

Yunho remained silent but tapped Jae’s foot discreetly with his own.

Jae glanced at him subtly.

“Run on three.”

Jae wanted to throw a tantrum at being treated like such a weak little boy. First these guards wanting to cart him off to have their way with him and now Yunho who wanted to fight for him like he was his personal hero. Jae fought his own battles.

“No,” he said back to Yunho, not even moving his lips.

Without warning he stood up, leaping across the table and landing before the startled militia. Deftly he snatched two knives from their belts, swinging his legs out from under him as he did so. The man, completely caught off guard, collapsed in a heap as their legs were taken from beneath them.

Jae cackled in victory and darted back to Yunho who was already on his feet looking ready for flight. Hastily Jae tucked the knives into his own belt and grabbed Yunho’s hand as together they sprinted to the nearest building, disappearing inside and rushing through to find a back exit.

“You crazy thing!” Yunho yelled, but he sounded impressed and Jae couldn’t help but grin.

“A day in the life of the street vermin of Seoul!” Jae called back hopping over a pile of bricks and out the door on the other side.

“We need to hide, maybe go underground,” Yunho said as they burst into daylight.

Jae shook his head. “No, we need to go higher.”

Together they ran through the streets, dodging people and leaping over obstacles, using crowds to hide amongst and cutting through buildings to reach the next streets along.

Soon they slowed and Jae pointed skywards. “We’re going up.” He said.

Yunho followed his gaze and grinned. “Take the lead.”

Jae clambered up first, using rusty rungs as foot holes until he reached the top of what was once a many-floored hospital. He’d learnt that people used to use these outdoor ladders as fire escapes, before Seoul had collapsed, taking the rest of Korea with it.

He hauled himself over the top and collapsed onto the ground, sweat pouring down his sides and matting his floppy hair.

Yunho followed a moment later, jumping down from the low ledge far more elegantly than Jae had managed.

They shared another grin. Jae watched as Yunho surveyed the rooftop. Yunho’s face was alight with the adrenaline that had coursed through them both as they’d hared through Seoul. His hair had blown into an even more ridiculous style and his eyes were sparkling in the dim light. It had begun to fall dark as they’d been on the run, the sun setting behind the crumbling city line.

Yunho looked down at Jae. “So this is your life.”

Jae nodded, feeling somewhat at ease with his companion. Yunho had managed to break down his walls quicker than anyone had ever managed and this scared Jae as well as elated him.

“Always running,” he said.

“You sure get around,” Yunho commented.

“I’ve been as far south as the sea, right into the Mul district.” Jae wrinkled his nose. “I didn’t like it much, it smelt of rotten fish and the fog was so thick I could only see about a metre over the water.”

“You didn’t swim?” Yunho grinned.

“No way! I felt like I was getting the plague by just looking at it.”

“Do they have boats?”

Jae shook his head, scraping it gently against the concrete beneath it. “Not any more, my dad used to talk about them though and once he drew me a picture.”

“My dad liked boats, too,” Yunho said and Jae detected a deep fondness in his voice as well as noticing Yunho’s use of past tense. He must have lost his father, too.

Jae didn’t know what to say so he remained silent, perfectly happy to do so. He was sure he’d spoken more words to Yunho in one day than he had to everyone he’d ever met in the last six years collectively.

“You’re not going to be able to sleep down there, you know,” Yunho said gesturing to Jae’s stone resting place.

Jae smiled. “I can sleep anywhere, I slept in the sewers once.”

Yunho frowned. “Well tonight there’s a mattress I’m going to kip on so you’re welcome to join me.”

Jae lifted his head curiously as Yunho strode over to an abandoned mattress lying just feet away. It looked dry and reasonably clean so Jae perked, not used to having such luxuries.

“Move over,” he said as he reached it. Yunho was just laying down and he grinned up at Jae.

As Yunho shifted to one side of the mattress Jae sank down onto it, relishing in the soft fabric and bouncy springs that made it so comfy. He jiggled round, almost giggling at how much fun this was.

“When was the last time you even saw one of these?” Yunho asked, grinning at Jae’s joy.

“I don’t remember,” Jae replied, lying down beside Yunho.

As soon as he did so Yunho reached for him, wrapping one arm around his waist and tugging him close.

“What are you doing?” Jae demanded, resisting the other man’s hold.

“Holding you,” Yunho responded calmly.

“No you fucking aren’t,” Jae snorted, trying to worm his way out of Yunho’s embrace.

“Calm down, I’m not going to hold you hostage... I’m just going to hold you.” Jae could hear the pleased grin in Yunho’s tone.

“How am I supposed to spring into action if you’re pinning me to the mattress?” Jae moaned, ignoring how comforting it was to be held in Yunho’s warm arms.

“There’s not going to be anyone looking for you up here, besides this is a hospital.”

Jae pulled a face. “Ugh, I suppose you’re right.”

Hospitals were where it had all started, the plague had been a contained virus, contained until a group of imbecile Doctors had released it accidently, allowing it to swoop through the nation like wild fire. No one had liked to hang around hospitals since.

“If you touch me inappropriately I will kill you,” Jae warned, lying stiffly against Yunho’s chest.

“I won’t, you can trust me,” Yunho said, his breath puffing over Jae’s black hair as he laughed.

“I don’t even know you,” Jae said quietly, thinking about how true those words were. He didn’t know Yunho and yet here he was, lying in the man’s arms and going against every single rule of survival Jae had set for himself.

“No,” Yunho said, finding one of Jae’s hands and holding it between his own. “But you can get to know me, teach me about this place, teach us all about this place.”

Jae didn’t say anything, he wouldn’t commit to any spoken contracts of Yunho’s just yet.

Suddenly, he turned in the other man’s arms until they were face to face. He blinked, gazing into Yunho’s dark eyes. “If I come back with you, can I share your tent? I don’t have one.”

Yunho blinked back, looking thrown for a moment and then he laughed, surging forward to kiss Jae hard.

“You can even share my bed.”

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Aaaahh! I'm getting goosebumps! This story is great! :D

thank you! So happy you're enjoying it :D

Awesome ! I love your writing style, cant wait for the last part !

This should definitely have more than 3 chapters, but then maybe not or I would spent even more time on the internet waiting for an update. This is really interesting...and Yunho is one sly man here...nice very nice Thank you ^^

unfortunately, I have severe commitment issues, therefore fic and I always have to part soon :(

you're so very kind, thank you!

That's alright it's better than authors who get tired of their own FF's and abandon them unfinished...which is really frustrating for readers, especially when it is a FF with lots of potential. So it's a good thing that you try to keep it at a length where you'll be able to finish...and it's still nicely written despite its shortness ^^
Can't wait for the final chapter ^_~

oh gawd, I can assure you that's exactly what I'd do, so I don't write longfics haaa. Because I know how frustrating it is as a reader! Thank you so much, I know it's moving so fast but because it's so short, it kind of has to :)

/smooches to you!

It irks me that this doesn't have many comments. I love this....everything. Your writing style, the story, it's all fantastic. I'm going to suggest it to my friends, I hope you dont mind :)

Oh, and I'll probably troll your masterlist. That too XD

I've been looking for good authors, so I'm glad i've found one ^^

*Edit* I just also wanted to mention that I liked the use of Korean in the district names. 너도 한국말을 알니까?

Edited at 2013-01-04 01:44 am (UTC)

oh, wow! I hope you find some other stories you like, I haven't written any other AU Yunjae so it's not like this one. I'd like to try more dystopian type fics out though, it's so fun!

Alas, unfortunately I have a pal named google translate; I WISH I spoke Korean :|

P.S sorry for all the html BS my masterlist is experiencing atm, I'm not sure how to sort it out as every time I think I've got it, it just goes back to being weird.

oh my goodness, of course I don't mind, I'm beyond flattered! Thank you so much for being so sweet :D

I don't mind no comments, but it's always always nice to see people liking my work. Especially as I'm a reasonably new Cassie!

wow this fic is really... it's hard to read how difficult life is in this au...

it's so well written though, and i look forward to more

Thank you so much! I hope the next bit doesn't disappoint :)

/hugs for the difficult bit though

jae is such adorable!!! >.<
and yunho is sooo sweet!..together, they are just perfect! ^_^

hee, I think so, too! Thanks so much for reading :D

lololol jaejoong i'm both impressed and amused with you.

haah, he's an impressive and amusing guy! Thanks for reading!

be our guest and make this fic longer
it's too awesome to be too short xD
i like how jae is warming up quickly to yunho <333
and he doesn't even resist his advances
looking forward to the next chapters! (:

oh godddd I don't know I don't know, I kind of want to but I fear my other life commitments will get in the way and I'll take a while to finish it .-. plus, I suck at longfics sobad.


LMAO Yunho JJ just said to not touch him inappropriately and look what Ur 'trust me' ended xDDD JJ is in so much trouble kekeke~
Anyways I hope JJ will be safe from now on... he really had a harsh life.
Thanks for writing such interesting story~!
Can't wait for more~ <3

You're welcome, thank YOU for reading. I hope to finish this soon! :D

Ohhhhhh I like this. \*O*\

Edited at 2013-03-14 01:23 pm (UTC)

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