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Fic: Survivor (Yunho/Jaejoong) 1/4
Tokio Hotel: main Nov '11
Title: Survivor
Pairing: YunJae (Yunho/Jaejoong)
Rating: PG-13 (so far)
Warnings: language, violence
Genre: AU, action, post-apocalyptic
Disclaimer: Not my boys but my words
Summary: Set on the streets of a post-apocalyptic Seoul, Jaejoong is a lone survivor, he lives, works and fights solo. However, a chance encounter with Yunho, a seemingly ignorant but mysterious young man is about to change all that. Yunho is definitely not what he seems and offers Jaejoong the opportunity of a life time. But can Jaejoong take it? 

Author's Notes: This story is massively inspired by Marie Lu's Legend which I started reading yesterday. I love the world she's created so I decided to adapt it to make my own and of course, I had to put Jae and Yunho in it too :) I’d like to turn this into a longfic but because I have an unwavering affinity with one shots I doubt this will actually happen, so for now it's just a two shot. This is also my first AU YunJae fic, ooooo!

Jaejoong crouched, tucked between two metal structures that used to support a whole building. Now it was just dilapidated iron work and a few free standing brick walls. When it was storm season the wind rushed through this place, screaming through like a tornado and making it difficult for Jae to spy on the street below but today it was calm. He was one story up from the ground and from this vantage point he could make out nearly every street vendor propped up along the pavement beneath him.

His belly rumbled, heralding his hunger and he grimaced. It had been nearly three days and he was about to either collapse from starvation or start eating his own arm. He’d had to return back to the Yung district three days ago, having been caught trying to steal a hotdog from a man with an over active tendency to throw knives.

“Stupid,” Jae muttered, thinking back to his error. He hadn’t noticed the gleam of a blade tucked discreetly into the man’s filthy apron until it had been too late, a knife had whistled past him making him drop the hot dog and turn tail, darting into an alley and running until he was sure he wasn’t being followed.

After that he’d had to leave the Shim district, not because of the man with the knife but because of the two militia officers that had been standing just two stalls away by the noodle bar. Being caught by a fellow street ruffian was one thing, but being caught by the law... Jae shuddered, remembering how easily they’d kicked down his mother six years ago.

Turning his attention back to his quarry he squinted his eyes, weighing up his chances. His belly gurgled again as he eyed a steaming fish vendor. He knew this area, he knew it too well in fact and normally he made a point to avoid places he’s stolen from before, but this was a favourite. He could see everything, he could hear everything and it was in this very room that he’d grown up. Until he was seven he’d watched his mother’s legs moving around the room, cooking noodles and cleaning clothes in a giant basin, feeding his baby sister—


Jaejoong snapped his head round, focusing in on a boy frozen on the spot in front of a food stand. A rat-faced woman was wielding a metal ladle in the boy’s face and she looked furious. The boy shook his head frantically, thrusting out his arms and trying to shove something the women’s way. She snatched it from him and shooed him away, her teeth bared.

Jaejoong narrowed his eyes. Perhaps this was too risky, perhaps he’d scavenge elsewhere.

The Yung district was jumpier these days, the plague had spread north and signs of its fetid wake were apparent even this far up. At first it wasn’t a serious threat, it swept through district by district, picking out a few of the weak like any flu but soon it had mutated, attacking the young and healthy, the rich as well as the poor. It had claimed his father and his sister all in one week, and then the raids came. Huge military swarms knocking into buildings, either shooting victims on the spot or blasting their door into a pile of inaccessible rubble to ‘quarantine’ them.

Jae and his mother had fled, bundling up their entire lives in a backpack and fleeing south. Then they got his mother and Jae had trekked back to the familiar Yung district in seek of solace.

The world was a violent and filthy place but a twelve year old Jae had somehow managed to survive in it. Some would say he thrived, honing his skills to get exactly what he wanted but he knew he was just another street vermin, committing petty crimes each day in order to make a living. It wasn’t his fault if somehow the military ended up a bit worse for wear, but usually, he didn’t allow attention to be drawn to himself. He was a lone wanderer, operating solo to survive solo.

Without warning a crash emerged from the depths of the rubble behind him. Jaejoong whipped round, shooting up to adopt a subtly defensive pose and shrouding his head quickly in his scarf. He peered into the gloom, trying to decipher what had caused the disturbance.


Jaejoong didn’t move as he heard another male voice swearing in the dark. He waited, breathing steadily and clenching his fists tightly.

From the shadows a figure emerged, he stood taller than Jae by a few inches and looked much more built but had none of Jae’s finesse. The young man was scruffy but dressed in a black military jacket that looked more expensive than anything Jaejoong owned. He did however notice a tainted gold button that didn’t match the others. He’d either stolen this jacket or had to repair it himself it was that worn – not uncommon for street folk. His hair stuck up with street grime and his face was smudged with soot. It was too dark to see much else, the crumbling roof ahead blocking much of the light.

Jaejoong readied himself.

“Oh,” the young man said, stopping short as he spotted Jaejoong standing with his fists balled by his sides.

Jaejoong remained silent, not wanting to give away anything about himself to a stranger.

The man hesitated then took a step forward, clearly unsure. Jaejoong tensed and was surprised when the man noticed and halted. Perhaps he was smarter than he looked. Jae would have to be careful.

“I didn’t think anyone would be up here,” the other man confessed with a casual shrug.

Jaejoong narrowed his eyes a fraction, taking in the man’s smooth features and slight smile. Was he trying to appeal to him?

“What are you doing up here?” The other man went on, oblivious to Jae’s hostility, or perhaps trying to work past it.

When Jae continued to reign with silence the man shrugged again and stuck his hands in his pockets.

Stupid, Jae thought, how could the man defend himself now? If Jae were to attack he’d stand no chance. Jae was viper fast and despite being smaller than the man, he knew he could knock him out in three seconds flat and be half way down the street in the next ten without a scratch on his body.

“I was just coming to see if I could find a place to kip, I’ve been travelling a long time.”

Jaejoong frowned, how ignorant was this man? Giving away details of his life like it was the plague. Already Jae knew the man was tired, not from around here and seeking a place away from other people. He was as vulnerable as a newborn and looked about as clueless as one. Where on earth had he come from?

“You don’t talk much, huh?” The man grinned, a sweet, lop-sided grin that made him look friendly. Jae blinked, ignoring the way he wanted to relax his posture. “No problem, I guess I can do the talking. You’re quite small, you hungry?”

He took another step forward... and another, he didn’t stop after the third and Jae panicked, thrown off guard by the man’s sudden advances.

Just as the man was drawing dangerously close he threw up his fists, leaping around to place himself away from the open ledge of the building. It was only a drop of one floor but Jae didn’t want to risk injury when he was already low on energy.

He tried keeping his eyes on his opponent but the man was too quick, instead slamming Jae back into one of the rusty metal beams he’d been crouching behind just moments before. He held him in place, one forearm thrust against Jae’s throat while his other trapped his wrists together.

Jae grunted, struggling to get out of the man’s hold and failing. He tried not to panic and willed his thumping heart to slow down and his brain to catch up with what had just happened. He blinked up at the man venomously.

“Sorry,” the man actually looked apologetic and Jae tried bucking up against his grip once more. “Jeez, you’re a feisty girl.”

Jae opened his mouth, offended, then closed it again, instead imagining he was ripping the man’s head of his shoulders. Maybe he could play this to his advantage, he’d been mistaken for a girl before, being small with soft features and while it had often gotten him into trouble, it had also helped him out of it. He prayed this would be one of the latter times.

He widened his eyes convincingly and looked down, away from the other man but still, remained silent.

“You want some food?” The other man offered again. “I’ll let you go and give you some if you promise not to try anything, you’re quick.”

Jaejoong bit his lip and glanced up into his enemies eyes, playing damsel in distress perfectly. Then he nodded once, silently planning his escape as soon as the other man let up.

“Okay, stay where you are.” Slowly, the man loosened his grip on Jae and as soon as he did Jae was out, quick as a hare and swinging one arm to back hand the man hard across the jaw. The man was fast again, grabbing his hand in his own once more but this time Jae was ready, instead using the man’s weight against him, ducking low and sending a swinging kick beneath his opponent’s legs as the man almost toppled over as Jae went down. He released Jae but was on his feet the next instant, leaping forward to tackle him to the ground.

They landed in a swirl of dust and debris and Jae coughed, blinking away the dirt that was scratching his eyes. The other man was on top of him, a heavy weight pressing down. He brought up hand between them and shoved it up, smashing the palm of his hand into the man’s nose. He man grunted but didn’t let up, instead with lightning speed, he grabbed Jae’s hands, twisting them above his head. He cursed himself, hating how weak his body was after days of hunger.

Jae fought hard against whimpering as pain shot through his arms and into his shoulders. It hurt, the man was hurting him but Jae was strong, he was a survivor. He would get out of this.

Together, they lay panting, the man propped over Jae in a cloud of filth. Jae glared adamantly up at him, wanting his eyes to convey just how much he hated him and warning him, this is not over.

“What’d your deal?” The man said, his chest still heaving after the effort of their fight.

Jae didn’t say anything, but made sure to spit the biggest gob of saliva he could muster up at the man. It missed but the man looked mildly disgusted as it landed on his chest.

“I’m not as clumsy as I seem,” the man grinned. “I saw you analysing me the moment I stepped into the building.”

Jae couldn’t help himself; “and I’m not as weak,” he snapped.

He shook his head, his scarf falling to the ground to reveal the rest of his face and his boy-short hair.

The man gasped, and Jae almost grinned at how much of a failure this man was at concealing who he was and how he felt. He wore every single emotion like a badge of honour on his sleeve.

“You’re a boy,” the man breathed, staring down. “Kind of small.”

Jae nearly spat again.

“How old are you?” The man asked, not loosening his grip on Jae. This time Jae didn’t struggle, instead lying here, defeated for now. He looked up into the man’s eyes and startled himself by noticing how nice they were, dark and gentle. His eyes darted away determinedly.


“Young,” the man seemed to ponder this. “What are you doing on the streets?”

Jae looked at the man as if he’d lost his mind. “Are you stupid? Same as everyone else.”

The man chuckled and tightened his grip a little, as though to warn Jae he couldn’t do as he did last time. “Just making conversation.”

Jae wanted to ask a million and one question about this mysterious intruder but he didn’t dare, he’d already given away his age and that was more than enough. Instead he clamped his lips over his teeth to button them, hopefully permanently this time.

The man smiled and looked down at Jae with a kind expression. “I’m Yunho.”

Jae didn’t say anything but cursed himself for once again looking up into the man’s eyes. Noticing as he did how warm they looked, how warm and inviting. Jae was not one to get attached to anyone but despite his spit-fire temper and still boiling anger at the man for calling him a girl and defeating him, he couldn’t quite look away.

Stupid, Jae thought again. Number one rule of survival, do not get attached to anything or anyone. Don’t even look at anything or anyone too long. Especially not people who smiled as Yunho did.

“I’m assuming you’ve got a name,” Yunho said. Jae winced internally, wishing Yunho had kept his identity secret, it was always harder once names had been exchanged.

“Okay, different tact,” Yunho sighed but was still smiling. “How about you come with me tonight?”

Jae shot his focus right back to Yunho and tried arching his back in an attempt to throw Yunho off him. “Are you fucking kidding me?!” He yelled.

“Calm down,” Yunho pressed down firmly but not painfully and Jae stopped struggling as the wind was slightly knocked out of him. “I didn’t mean like that,” he paused. “I have a proposal for you.”

Jaejoong frowned, what kind of proposal? Did he really want to find out? He blinked, then said slowly. “What kind of proposal?”

“Nothing too sinister,” Yunho grinned. “I want to talk to you about something important. Do you know a place we can go for a drink?”

“I don’t drink,” Jae said blankly.

“To eat then, you look starved,” Yunho proffered.

Jae squirmed. He was hungry, he was fucking famished but he could find food on his own, he’d been doing it for six years and he wasn’t about to start relying on a second person. Second people complicated things, they never made it easier.

“No.” Jae said.

Yunho sighed again and shifted atop Jae. Jae could feel the warmth between their bodies and found himself relishing in it ever so slightly.

“You’re a no crap kind of guy.”

Jae nodded, almost feeling triumphant.

“Fine,” the man frowned, seemingly pondering something unbeknownst to Jae. Then he spoke, “What do you know about Dong Bang Shin Ki?”

Jae sucked in a breath. Dong Bang Shin Ki were the ones fighting for the cause; they wanted a new way of life, new leaders and new regimes and a whole new society. Jae knew he’d inadvertently helped the cause by wreaking havoc among the military but he’d never wanted much else to do with them. They used strategy and technology and had scores of people all rallying together to achieve one common goal. Jae worked alone, he lived alone and he fought alone.

“You’ve heard about them, haven’t you?” Yunho said softly.

Jaejoong nodded slowly, unsure what was going to come next. This was dangerous territory, if they got caught even mentioned Dong Bang Shin Ki they’d be shot on the spot, or worse, dragged in for interrogation.

“You know they’re working against the government, right?”

Jae nodded again.

Yunho dropped his voice, his eyes locking with Jaejoong’s. “You want to join them?”

Jae’s eyes widened and he immediately shook his head. “No way in hell!”

Yunho dropped his gaze and ever so slightly squeezed his knees against Jae’s waist. “Come on, what have you got here?”

Jae glared up at Yunho, who was he to tell him what he had and hadn’t got? Jae had built his whole life on nothing and he intended to keep it that way, he’d achieved what so many people had failed to do, he’d mastered the art of survival and throwing himself into Dong Bang Shin Ki would do nothing to favour that.

“How much do you value your own life?” Yunho asked. Jae barely registered as the bigger man loosened his grip on his hands, instead stroking the skin at his wrists ever so gently.

Jae didn’t know how to answer the question, he didn’t know how much it was worth, he couldn’t tell. He didn’t own anything, he didn’t have anyone, he just did what he had to, day by day.

“You don’t have a home, or friends or family,” Yunho went on. Jae started, how much had he given away? He thought he had been the one to pick up on all Yunho’s secrets as he’d practically stumbled into the room. He’d clearly been naive enough not to realise just how good Yunho had been at drawing attention to himself in order to worm his way into Jae’s own head. Jae had been so focused on learning what he could about Yunho and too slow to cover himself from Yunho’s own observations.

“Dong Bang Shin Ki can give you that and more, no more poverty on the streets, no more running from the military or the plague or silently cursing the people who made the world go bad. And not just you, everyone. We’re changing all that, we’re fighting for a better place.”

The silence that followed was deafening, Jae closed his eyes momentarily and felt Yunho’s breath over his face.

“We need people like you,” Yunho said softly. “You’re the perfect survivor.”

Jae’s eyes flashed open just as Yunho released his hands and bent to kiss him. 


I hope you enjoyed part one, part two is on the way

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Ooo thank you so much! :D
I'm so excited you enjoyed this!

I love post-apocalyptic stories for some reason! This is really interesting! Please update the second part soon! I squealed when Yun kissed Jae at the end!

Heee, me too, but I've never written them, until now obvi. So happy you liked this, thank you!

I loved it ! Cant wait to read more ~

thank you! More will follow shortly :D

Wooooow! (@.@)
This is sooooo~ cool! ^_^
Though I wish this is more than two shot...

But who cares! >.<
This is still cool as ever! ^_^

Ohw! And you like bill kaulitz too! >.< (plus you ship yunjae)
omo~ ^__^

eeee YES I ♥ Bill AND Yunjae :)

... it actually ran away with me and while I've finished the next part, I'm pretty sure they'll be a third and maybe a fourth haha.

Thank you so much! <3

i am soooo~ looking forward for that! >.

whooaa! so exciting!
... surely Yunho's gunna get hit for kissing Jaejoong out of the blue lols
can't wait for the second part!!!

Thank you! I'm so happy you like it :D

OMO~! I found something interesting *o*
This story sounds awesome~! *runs to read the next part* >D

Thank you so much! I'm thrilled you enjoyed :D

... man I really gotta work on the final part of this story...

where have you been all this time.?...I love your writing,I love your stories....I'm falling in love so hard this time....please promise you'll never stop to write....

Hah I've been lurking around here, I still count myself as reasonably new to the dbsk fandom :) Thank you SO MUCh for such a lovely comment, means so much to me! Don't worry, I won't stop writing :)

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